National Innovation Award 2020
National Innovation Award 2020

Agricultural biostimulant to improve the quality of flowering and fruit setting

Kynetic4® is a biostimulant of botanical origin, especially designed to stimulate and optimise the natural flowering process: development of the flower, pollination, fertilization and fruit set (both when these phases occur consecutively or separately). Application of Kynetic4® boosts the synthesis of specific proteins at a time of increased energy demand in crops.
Kynetic4® has an extraordinary effect on the plant’s metabolism, it activates physiological processes in the plant, promotes flowering, improves the plant’s source-sink relationship, as well as increasing vegetative development and enhancing final production.

Advantages of the agricultural biostimulant KYNETIC4®

Kynetic4® is designed to optimize the 4 key points of the flowering process:


  • It improves the quality of flowering
  • It ensures against situations of stress
  • It increases effective pollination time


  • It promotes pollen tube formation
  • It increases pollen viability
  • It ensures fruit set and improves quality


  • Nectar of greater nutritional quality
  • More attractive to pollinators


  • It enhances pollination
  • It provides energy and increases the activity of pollinators